Saturday, April 5, 2014

GCRC Super Saturday Special Pt 1

Something is always going on at GCRC. Today was a 10am-9pm session for me. Tired - Yes.

Had a lot of fun today among a lot of time in the "garage" tuning the DRBs.

 Much of the fun provided by the youth of drift.  This 86 is a DIB RS 1.5 that handles pretty damn well. The driver has the reflexes of youth and endless enthusiasm.

Pretty soon he will be on the door of us all.

Not afraid to dive in and also happy to be followed closely. The ages of these two don't even add up to 25.

Been spending a bit of time battling this skyline recently. Today we were even lying on the floor while drifting the inner circuit at GCRC. Perspective is everything!!

 When a skyline, RX7, 86 and Silvia slides inches past your face it's pretty cool!

Some of the best drifting I've ever done was done today. Three car high speed drifting! YeS!!!

 I also spent some time battling resident drift master.

So I thought I'd post a few pics.

These machines both need a wash.

the scars of battle are not so bad.

But you can't see out the windscreen.

Asamoto's FD got a massive workout today.

Testing 2 DRB's and Running for a few hours on the Silver machine.

Today I spent some time also "polishing" the new side of GCRC.

Soon the new side of GCRC will be ready for a new track.

Polished up and super slidey.

HDPE is still the best tyre choice for GCRC with Motor Choice of 13.5T-17.5T  creates an awsome scale speed!

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