Friday, April 11, 2014

GCRC Friday Freaks - RX-FXX-77

Double Trouble! Twin drift team maniacs. Now with D-Like FD3seson their FXXes.

 The D-Like FD3s still has it's shape issues. But these two look awesome together.

 The FXX is wide, so it's hard to get anything over the front.

 And with these two guys perfecting their FXX settings with hours of trial and error.

They perform as good as they look.

Slide time.

Side by Side time. With performance exactly the same. they behave exactly the same and can get in exactly the same positions.

If you know someone with exactly the same chassis as yourself, set it up exactly the same and enjoy the rewards.

The speed these guys can obtain is on par with High CS cars but the "chuckability' is not quite there with the gyro cars.

This is an awesome image.

So which do you prefer? Purple with a hint of Blue?

 Or Blue with a hint of Purple.

RE-Xtreme Approved.

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