Monday, April 21, 2014

Za Mooruman Dorifuto Purojecuto #4 - Paint and Prep Prep Prep

Ooh Yeah... Za Mooruman Dorifuto Purojekuto is well underway.

I spend a couple of days on paint and panel.

panels, under panels, inner panels, motor parts... masking and paint... yaaaaaaaaaaa!

main colour is pearl white.

After one day... it looked like this.

next day started to bring together the motor.

and eventually it started to resemble something.

interior panels also getting attention.

And there was a lot of test fit and contemplation. You can see one of the special components I made up.

And another of the main features of the car here.

there was a lot of shoo-goo added and now the rear resembles this. but as all panels will be removable, there is still a ways to go.

After about 5 days effort. it looks like this. much more to come.

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