Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Under-ground construction. This is definitely a skunk works project.

Yes that's me in my second FD3s rx7. not long after this shoot I was forced to sell this beautiful machine. 

When my bank balanced recovered, I searched for a replacement. This car came up at auction and I bid on it but failed to land it. All it needed was the front bar to make it into the RE-REEPER

Well, I did a few sketches back then, but I actually bought a White RX7. It never really had that image that had posessed me.

So this RX7 represents the RE-REEPER that I never owned. Modified Pandora RC RX7 with modified HPI Stage D RE-Amemiya style body kit.

With a modified sleepy light install to come and a lot of detail. 

Be careful not to receive the wheel touch of death on your door.

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