Saturday, April 26, 2014

RE-REEPER Setup day.

Dialing in the RE-REEPER is taking time.

The style is there, but the full counter effect needs a little more.

This is the chassis. Yokomo Overdose DRB with RC926, Kazama, Top-Line, Keyence and Sanwa.  

Currently running 21.5T motor, Ive had to change the drive ratio to get a bit more speed. Unfortunately that means a little less response on the throttle.

CS3.0 40T-12T 18T-20T

Keyence Airia is running full boost and Full turbo advance timing settings.

I was trying differnent offset rims also. these Kazama Auto FX-R and looking cool and easy to see.

Blood Red rims.

KE-Stance is cool. Could be the REEPERs first victim.

Now registered.

I've been using the DRB 3.3 a lot, but today I had a bearing failure. 200000000 rotations later, I guess it was expected.

New Yokomo front ends work pretty well, but I added some wrap up next A-arms for a bit more bling.

Due for a complete rebuild anyway.

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