Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Za Muruman Dorifuto Purojekuto - Start

GCRC battle machine project start

Add one D-Like S13 body shell. Including all panels.

 Then prepare all exterior panels for detachment.

Prepare bumpers, fenders and hood for easy removal.

align under panels and prepare ancilliaries.

Interior dash and seats.

SR20 and a big spool! HP? 480ish?

There will also be many small touches along the way.

So buckle up... and let the carving begin.



  1. dlike bodies include all this stuff?

  2. NO... of course not!

    4 separate items so far.

    1. D-Like S13 (has lexan light buckets )
    2. Pandora RC Engine Set (3 engines SR20, RB26 and EJ20)
    3. Pandora Inner Set (interior and Front Frame, intercooler and rear frame.)
    4. D'magic Light Buckets

    More to come


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