Wednesday, April 9, 2014

GCRC Clean Out.

No slide afternoon, but slide at night.

My long steering turnbuckles arrived at GCRC and were quickly installed along with a short lipo mount that had come from Japan to the USA and back to Australia. Hard to get. Yes!

Ready for action...


When I got on track at GCRC this afternoon, I couldn't get a slide on. The track had been covered by tyre residue from rubber or soft abs tyres. As my car picked up the plastic marbles onto my own car tyres, I'd get about 2 corners in before I had to clean them again.  If I used the brake the car would immediately spin.

After about an hour of running full throttle without having to use brakes and effectively cleaning the track and some other guys arriving and helping the clean out.  

In the last hour we started to get back to a decently slow speed where the cars would slide for any real distance with consistency. 

These shots were only really possible at the end of the evening.

In my own personal opinion, GCRC Raceway has one of the best surfaces out there but it can be easily gummed up by using soft ABS. It is extremely low cost, so pick up a set of HDPE when you come and they will last a long long long long time for many many many many visits to come.

With the new track area being cleared also and the concrete gets polished a bit more, there will soon be more choices for awesome sliding.

Anyway... Today's menu was JXR, Kazama, MST, Yokomo, Street Jam and more.

This kind of realistic tyre angle is in fashion. RWD? no CS 2.5 and over.? yes. Both are looking very similar these days.

I love my long sliding handbrake entries and I was eventually able to rip a few into the dusty outside lines.

And the other boys were ripping some awesome tandem action. Still a little faster than normal though.

It was a hard workout for the 17.5T tonight. I think I'll need some maintenance also.

The angles these cars are pulling is near perfect these days

Battle Battle.

Stay tuned for some video from the owner of this MST. Starting from an RTR, they go pretty damn well.

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