Friday, April 11, 2014

GCRC Friday Freaks. The 86.

I love the reflections at GCRC. Makes photography a fun.

I arrived pretty early today... It's cool to have the track to yourself for a while.

You can take your time.

And set things up nicely.  These Mikuni rims are stanced perfectly.

Then you can explore the track and dial in your settings.

The DRB 3.33 is really getting in the zone.  I employed the resident driver who can put your machine where it needs to be for good imagery.

Using the 86 is perfect on this chassis. Gets just thie right angles. Everyone used to hate this Toyota sign.

But these days I rarely see anyone hit it.  The level is up there.

I took a couple of promo shots. 

Come and join the fun @ gcrc.

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