Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Yeaaaaaaaaah Baby! 90degree + entry. I knew we were good but I never get to see my own driving.

I'll start with my pics first. Just a few of the beast with my Meisters getting some use.

I like that ideal fitment.

The green beast is looking cool!

GCRC always creates some nice imagery.

I've been laying over one of the trees I brought down to GCRC recently. It helps to add a bit of fun if we take the tree line.

Slide past gives some size reference to the cars.

Even thought there could be many more track details. We use what we have to create a feel.

Whether on the cars or on the track. Imagery is cool!

Tonight one of the newcomers at GCRC was able to capture some shots on my Camera. Thank you!

Have a look at a different perspective. It's a big smile from me, because I hardly get to see my own driving.
Tonight my 3.3 test DRB was not 100% But good enough to blow off some after work weeds.

 Enjoy some slides.

Lovin' the 86 @ 90 degrees.

An angle it spends a lot of time at.

there was a lot of yellow / green tonight... and some video action will popup one day.

My wing always ends up ripping these flags from their positions. Next time I'll make them stronger.

"Grubby" is the look.

but the line is clean.

Tyre marks come with compliments.

I'm a bit slow here. oops. DRB, Street Jam, En Route, MST, Kazama... it's all good.

Out of the hairpin. Go Go !

then initiate.... go go !

 Not close enough, Ahhhh.

 Get on the track, lead or chase... be a sliding battle junkie.

Good night. Good Morning. Good Day.

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