Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yokomo Chassis Evolution

When I was living in Japan, I saw the Drift Master release in about 2006. I had to have one.

So it's a little late. But here is my new shaft drive Yokomo DP-DM. The DP is for Drift Package, The DM is for Drift Master. 

Roughly translated,

Aluminium low height bulkhead and carbon double deck chassis.
Lavishly appointed high end drift machine.

Efficient shaft drive full time 4wd system (dust proof gear case)
Pure carbon main chassis, upper deck and shock tower
Fully adjustable double wishbone suspension
Alignment position adjustable turnbuckles and tie rod ends.
Rigid Axle for Drift Front and Rear (this one has a ball diff up front.)
Diaphram Type Oil Filled Aluminium Dampers
Blue anodized center shaft  
Steering wiper machined aluminum  
Low height bulkhead machined aluminum front and rear  
Plastic dust-proof gear cover  
Full ball bearings  
Universal drive shaft front and rear  
High precision aluminum spur gear holder  
Motor Mount machined blue anodized aluminum
That's the marketing spiel

This chassis combined the best of the drift package options and the BD touring car chassis options in a rear wheel drive.

One main feature is the low height of the chassis and especially the front towers. Something that I need!
Then the semi covered gearboxes add that unique requirement.

You can definitely see the Yokomo evolution as it sites side by side with the DRB which kind of took over as the Drift Master.

But both these chassis are long ago discontinued, so am i living in the past or is the trend returning. Who cares. I'm not a big fan of the DIB, so I think this period of Yokomo design suits me fine.

The actual use of the DM is unclear right now as I already have a lot of projects.

So time will tell if the drift master becomes the donor chassis for my drift package rear wheel drive or remains in true shaft form. become de-anodised or remains tsunami blue.

But i'm looking forward to the choices.

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