Sunday, April 27, 2014

RE-Xtreme FD3 SET

RE-Xtreme RC Showroom. 

Current setups will of course change and evolve. The addition of another for the Rear Wheel Drive will be in FC3s form.

Comp, Street and Practice Missile. If only real life was as cheap to replicate. 

Pan Speed Tuned Asamoto D1 2002 Replica. 

RE-REEPER RX-666 Wangan Midnight Street Replica 

JDM / USDM / AU Collaboration.  The "Missile FD" is actually a prototype sample from Pandora RC. Thats why the lexan is not so clear. Production bodies are much better.

The profile of the Pandora RC FD3s is pretty good. Short overhang makes for excellent track position and they prove to be quite customizable with the many other fD3s on the market. 

I can't forsee the purchase of another FD3s in the near future, but a Pandora FC will join the mix. RWD style in the mix

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