Sunday, March 1, 2015

GCRC S13 Festa Part #1 - Body Con.

A great turnout for the Body Showoff with well over 20 machines making choices for everyone hard.

I still don't know how you judge these things. That's why we left the judging to popular vote.

For me sometimes there's that one that takes your fancy.

While I had made a sign board for some of my machines...

This one is absolutely perfect!

Interesting to see the RE-Amemiya / Strikers theme on a Silvia. Itaishya style is very much in the heart of Tokyo's Akihabara scene.  

I loaned out an S14 to one of our younger drivers, ho used it to good effect.

Some of the light details up close on the default Yokomo sticker set are a bit cartoonish. but this machine in action is actually one of my fave's 

Been a while since I battles this OneVi -- I'll leave off the A because the bumper is missing.

That's the beauty of the S-Chassis. If you have a heavy accident up front... you can swap the front panels of the car easily. Matching door and windscreen position means interchangability.  

There are sooo many body styles available for the 180sx/Silvia combos that you can make any kind of car you like. 

You can even build half a car if you want.

or combine and add width to create a menacing machine.

So the peer voted awards went to...

1... My Hyper Lemon S13
2... Moolman's S13 sans-panels
3... Scott's insanely bright-green Tomei S13 

SPL Awards to..

GCRC SPL Best of Show... Wes's CowRC S13
RE-Xtreme RC SPL... Flat Red S13.

Thanks for the votes.

The D-Like S13 also makes an amazing appearance.

Arriving in style on the Moolman's awesome crawler.

The colour of this ABC Silvia really pops!

The GCRC Special Vote from a totally independant panel went to this awesome machine... Still making an impact! 

My RE-Xtreme RC vote went to this machine.  It shines and doesn't in all the right ways.

So that's part #1

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