Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Bunny Part#1

I've been running this Rocket Bunny 86 V1 for a while now, so It's time to add a touch of class.

The V1 Rocket Bunny kit is straight forward. If you leave the Tamiya bumper in place... the parts simply line up. no stress. The V2 bumper is a much more complicated issue.

Fenders still need a lot of alignment.

And there's not much of the body left when you are done.

Soon the mask and colour are on. the Easter long weekend was wet, but I found patches of dry time to lay on a few coats of a special colour.

Hard to see the effect through the protective coating.

So it's not until you reveal that you get the rush...

But it was late in the afternoon... this one needs a special light.

Stay tuned.

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