Thursday, April 9, 2015

RE-Xtreme DRB Ninja

 RE-DRB Ninja

Introducing the Ninja.

A Japanese enthusiast had put together this unique package. It is very much along the lines of what I had planned for my own design chassis plates, and includes many of the parts I had on a list to buy for my own Black DRB. So when I saw it for sale... it took about 10minutes to put in my first bid.  

A variation on the discontinued Yokomo DRB Chassis, front and rear upper deck, front and rear damper stays are one-off by the carbon cut and all alloy parts black anodized.

Here's a list of some of the custom carbon parts.

Carbon Lower Full chassis with suspension mount locations for Drift Package.
Carbon Chassis holes minimised for stiffness.
Carbon Chassis Centre Motor Mount spacers for spur clearance.
Carbon Chassis Bulkhead mounts for battery clearance and CG balance.
Carbon Chassis front mount for slide rack steering
Carbon Front custom shock towers with A-Arm support
Carbon Front A-Arm rear support plate
Carbon Rear custom shock towers
Carbon Front and Rear bulkhead stiffeners.

Width perfect for 200mm body. Narrow Scrub radius front arms and long stroke suspension.

Here's a list of some of the Overdose parts.

Overdose motor mount for DRB (Black)
Overdose front Y suspension arm (for drift package) (Black)
Overdose rear suspension arm (for drift package) (Black)
Overdose rear hub  (for drift package) (Black)
Overdose Shock Adjusters  (Black)
Overdose Shock Caps and Lower Caps (Black)
Overdose Spring Seats (Black)
Overdose front bumper support (Black)
Overdose rear belt Stabiliser (Black)

To tie it all together, there's a host of other parts to facilitate, greater steering angle, reliability and adjust-ability.

Steering and mechanical components include.

R31 house GRK slide rack for silky smooth operation.Zillion adjustable narrow scrub front knuckle with option for KPI and Trailing Castor
Wrap Up Next front upper A arm for easy castor adjustment
Yokomo Wide bulkhead versions are used also.

RC926 3mm hubs up front limit the wide track from being too wide.

I've recently been looking at ways to include the black anodized BD7 touring car chassis parts onto my drift cars. One of my planned mods for all my chassis are Yokomo BD touring car shock cap sets which tighten up the shock mounts but still alloy smooth operation. These are included on the full upgrade BD shocks.

Yokomo front one-way now in black, essential for long E-braking entries is complemented by an En Route rear solid pulley is a heavyweight rear item.

Theres also full titanium screw set and some other items that help make it look complete.
Titanium screw set

Active Hobby Servo Saver completes the Futaba BLS551 brush-less Servo.
Active Hobby End Bell Cover completes the Keyence Luxon KG 9.5T.

Chevalier Dash Capacitor completes the Keyence Tachyon carbon pattern ESC.
About the only thing I need is a pretty spur holder. A nice black OD item might finish it off.

With CS set at about 1.8 it drives like a "low for me" counter steer JDM machine should. Trickle on the throttle gives ample angle with grip in the right spots.
Mash the throttle for great straight line ability and massive angle for big style entries.

Love it already...
But it will get better.

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