Saturday, April 25, 2015

GCRC Test & Tune

Waiting for the battle.

 Yes the FD3s missile is still in action. But it has a new target... that bunny is in for it.

GCRC Staff proudly displaying the twin drift #1 sticker on the rear window of the chaser, but that bunny is just the right position for transition attack as my front bumper slices across the rear of the chaser.

But you have to catch it first...

The Rocket Bunnies are breeding at GCRC.

R3Rs are a good target also. 

Visiting Outclip RWD machine from Singapore. Nice to meet you!

This Labo 180sx is pretty cool. 

I can;t wait to get my own Flake machine on track.

With teeth installed, the rim shark is a dangerous machine.

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