Sunday, April 12, 2015

GCRC 4 Door Festa - Twin Drift

Boo yaa! R-4Door tandem action! and more more more

At the end of the GCRC festival events, We run a twin drift style session.

Instead of an all out comp where different chassis and tune come into play.  We run an event where the person you practice with the most can help you achieve the win.

Some visitors without partners were teamed with some of the best locals with the chance to get super cool.

but some inconsistency just couldn't get the win.

but these two had a real crack anyway.

Twin drift is very very cool!

These two making it hard for themselves

A different chassis style didn't allow for tight proximity.

These two had some sections on the money

If you took the best parts of 3 laps, you'd have one fantastic one.

Final corner going for glory!

JXR brothers... Were going well. A little more consistency will see them at the top.

In team drift... I think it's best to have you mos aggressive chase driver remain behind.

An the most consistent driver in front. The line will be spot on.

and the glory shared... Mechanical interruption interrupted a great start to a lap.

These two guys have great potential.

A little more tweaking will get the business.

Newcomers to GCRC trying their best.

If you can get both cars in the camera frame. You are definitely doing it right.

Now I can't take my own pics. So I used the Orange Cresta to stage a little police chase with the MarkII Cop car pictured in the background. It was a lot of fun for a 2nd place finish. 

3rd went to interstate visitors. 

A couple of laps to get the balance.

And the final lap was pretty awesome!

Firing it in on the last lap.

1st  place went to these two... A close run. A couple of uncustomary mistakes made for a nervous but perfect last lap to take the main prize.

OOSPEED SPEEDLINE prize for these guys. 

A great display.

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