Wednesday, April 8, 2015

En Route JXR-V

JXR-V...  The V = Five.

There's always a few En Route JXR chassis on hand at GCRC. A bit dusty midway through a long session.

GCRC settings for the JXR all basically end up the same. 

Under driven front drive with around 42-9 and steady rear drive with 17.5T or slower.

resulting in about 3.0 ~ 3.2 CS ratio.

Most of these guys are also running a 5800 mah heavy battery.

Only one of these machines runs the spherical front suspension which is not easy to tune at all. Anything other than marginal changes in camber results in CVD binding and other symptoms of imbalance. but the other front suspension options are all good.

The JXR is a very rigid tunable chassis that responds to the slightest of adjustments in suspension. The end results can be fantastic.

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