Sunday, April 19, 2015

GCRC Sunday Style

Some amazing battles and trains today. There's a lot of pictures so you'd better tighten your harness.

I've been running my FC with true BN Sports setup.

Haraguchi would be proud

I guess as long as the rim is the same angle as the side step. You're good. 

In any case the FC is looking awesome as is this S14.

I guess it's time to ....

get it on.!  these 2 were pretty well matched. the S14 is a Hayabusa RWD Chassis and my DRb is CS 3.0x

The CS machine is a little quicker, but that's always good for the following car.

More than 2 batteries full of side by side with others joining the battles. 

 It just got better and better.

With others taking breaks, we all swapped positions.

with some awesome close proximity respectful 3 way action.

Making the cool style is the way to go.

But sometimes, you can't resist pushing from behind... sorry guys!

Hulk hogan approved slidebys hitting the flags at every opportunity.

Yep, lap after lap after lap!

 And then there were 4 and more.

double RWD Vs Double CS battles.

Tight doesn't even describe it.

You can only get shots like these when the cars are together... I mean Really together

Was hard to separate the FXX and the Hayabusa.

Smooth is the word.

Ready for transition.

Dive in!

Hustle Hustle

Go Go Go

As I said... lap after lap after lap.

Loads more to do... Battle with the flannelette society.

Sooo much more.

Newcomers finding their way.

And finding the flags.

Like this shot... Downhill... Unfortunately no.

But you can imagine life on the touge.

A couple of guys already set for the Classic car show.

Is the S14 a classic... NO. about 1982 is the cutoff.

GCRC definitely put on a show today.

Some high speed D1 battles on the short course also at the end of my session.

And as always... thanks to those who contribute to photography when I'm driving.


  1. Hi Russ,one friendly question and request maybe?Since you are a fan of rx7's why not make a Veilside one.i think you are very good at bodyshells so what do you think?

    1. from an RC point of view. They are too long. Also the roof line is to square.

      I have driven the Tokyo Drift "Movie Car" on the Street when I was in Japan. It's a nice machine and the ABC one doesn't really do it justice.

      The Pandora shape is best for profile and form, but the cockpit is slightly wide. But for me thats the best shape.

    2. Maybe I could graft an ABC onto a pandora???

    3. I quess you are right.maybe try a 4-door since you 275mm i havent seen you make tell you the truth i really like the kunnyz chaser.anyway whatever you decide it will be good.also have you ever seen this?it is quite impressive


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