Sunday, April 12, 2015

GCRC 4 Door Festa! - Show and Shine.

Show and Shine at the GCRC Raceway 4 Door Festa with OOSPEED, ONE10RCDT & RE-Xtreme RC.

As you scroll down, try to pick your favourite.

Aussie V8 supercar 4 door Falcons and Commodores give us a great mix of Aussie machinery.  

This was contrasted by the Full Set of JDM 4 door machinery in the VIP / D1 / Show / Race & Rally themes. 

Popular vote event really showed how varied the interest was .

Red Bull teams.

Nitro Circus Ceffi looking tough!

Kumakubo's Laurel also cool.

But this is not Kuma-san... But a fun addition.

A bit of JDM and European 

BMW, Subaru and Nissan jus some of the makes on show..

Great looking Chaser on a pretty cool trailer

 Scale additions adding to the effect.

Some more 4 door machines of different image.

Yes, the Joker is a 4 door.

Police car with light unit and sound card. 

ER32 and ER34

Both cool in action.

Evo and Cefiro. Some pretty good action all day from these two.

HO HO HO! Very cool on track.

 JDM Special. Just one of many Mark II JZX100s on the day.

Another monster shell. The Ace of Spades.

Tetsujin Toytota Crown. The VIP of VIP. 

Mark II from a previous decade. Still more and more details added. 

the Japanese Family machine. Lexus IS250.

And the Aussie Commodore. Brocky would love it.

ONE10RCDT Represent.

Daigo Saito Replica with all the details.

This shot actually looks like a real garage scene. 

Gotta love it when the lexan mouldings allow a deeper look. 

More height to the look but still super low.

DS Racing Laurel down low.

Overall, there was a lot of cool. 

Next stop on the 4 Door tour will be the Winners.

then some action!

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