Sunday, April 12, 2015

GCRC 4 Door Drift Festa! Body Shots!

4 Door Festa Special Shots. Lets take a look at what impressed.

Gold Medal Winner presented by Popular vote and also earning 2nd place from ONE10RCDT  and OOSpeed.

 Toyota JZX100 Drift SPL. By Avoca Drift Shed.

Toyota would be happy to see this livery on their drift machines. 

New builds always excite.

Viny; from MattEllis Designs

Easy to see why everyone loved this machine.

Small details like the Toyota emblems add to the effect. 

Green Medal SPL Winner presented by Moolman Drift of GCRC

it was great to see these "award stickers" instantly added to the winning machines.

This machine was also another favourite in the popular voting falling just outside the top three.

A replica of D1 regular Daigo Saito's JZX100 Mark II the image is easily recognizable.  

Deep Dish XSA complete the imagery.

unfortunately the Silver Medal Machine from DS racing had left before my photoshoot, But I'll capture it in the future.

Bronze Medal Winner "The Smurf"

The owner of the Smurf is Japanese so he knows what Japanese Machines should look like. 

VIP and simple. but a lot of small details on this 275 wheelbase JZX100

Shinagawa Number... 100!

With absolute scraping stance. This shot looks kind of flying. But it's just L O W.
Also taking out the 3rd place from ONE10RCDT  and OOSpeed.

This machine deserves a shoot because it was just shy of a Bronze medal but took out the 1st place

"JDM as F..CK" award from ONE10RCDT  and OOSpeed 

Tetsujin Crown Majesta with Tetsujin Mesh rims.

Fantastic color and the overall effect.

Like to see one of these with 1000hp on a Power cruise.

Just in case things get out of hand....

WELD Drift Police are on duty.

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