Friday, April 24, 2015

Savanna - Splash and Dash

I'd better get a big kiss for this one.

I don't know how I let myself get persuaded to do a shell.  It seems easy... but I always put in too much effort. That grille has to be deeper. so out it came. Custom surround to be made.

and ABC shells have a LOT of parts. Cutting was 90 mins.

I always research before I start a build. The ABC real rear version requires more cutting of the replacement  rear lights. I wish they had done the same to the front though. they could be much deeper.

ABC mould has seen a lot of production. join lines are pretty dramatic,

Washing another 30 minutes.

Masking another 30 minutes.

Paint spreads out over 90minutes. 

Transparent Red taking a while for 3 thin applications.

then a touch of Pearl clear, silver and finally a black backing coat. Smoke rear glass and light details.

making sure you get every nook and cranny with even coats. 

Un Momento de Truth!

Still a heap to do... Bumpers and light install. Perhaps another day after the paint dries fully.

Owner will be using this one at the Classic car festival. 

Just trim stickers to add. then they will complete the car themselves.

If people complain about the cost of an RC body...

They just don't value their time.

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