Wednesday, April 22, 2015

GCRC Midweek-Session

Anyone for a slide by session?

A very decent turnout for a mid week blast. 8-10 car constant trains then separating to tandem and 4 car groups. An awesome night.

I started out among the RWD crews who were putting on a decent show.

then it was time for a 180 drift session.

Recently we sold the 180sx tandem machines and the new owners wasted no time getting them dialled in.

Not being installed on DRBs the liveries have become simple street oriented machines.

but still look awesome in tandem.

Getting it all together.

and switching it up! You will see more photos of these as we continue through the night.

Trains were starting to form as more people arrived on track.

Another driver of my ex-shell was having fun too. The Tommi Makinen Drift Prototype was now wearing a light set and sits upon an R3R.

It still carries that sideways rally feel as he slashed through the trees.

But it was great fun running with "Tommi". Lovely shots from my photographer.

Flat black Lancer Evolution III body fitted with left over WRC rally spares would make a good drifter.

I went for that full Haraguchi BN Sports deep dish chrome wheel effect tonight but it didn't last.

I returned to black rims on my FC and joined the ass removal crew.

Yep and back into battle.

I LOVE this shot.

This I where I like to sit when I drift behind someone. Front wheel to the back edge of the door or in line with the rear wheel of the lead car. You can see our front wheels either side of this line.  I don't want to dive in too deep.

Hako getting ready for the Classic Car festival. 10/5/2015

Probably meet this corvette there also.

JXR crew circulating well.

Lot's of different angles tonight.

All cool!

DRB front-mid motor vs FS-01D  front motor

Mid motor, front motor, rear motor... It doesn't really matter. In the end they all achieve a very similar result.

The Vette with lake pipes scraping. The GCRC Style is LOW!

If you run at GCRC, your body usually ends up pretty low. the surface is so smooth you can get away with 1 or 2mm clearance.

I am usually happy to let the body move around a little the velcro mounts It doesn't effect my setup too much at all.

Now JXR twins in battle. 

But they do take time out to attack others.

The 4 hour night session Slid by very quickly but it was constant intense running.

A very high level.

Come an join us!

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