Wednesday, April 15, 2015

GCRC Mid Week Finery

Action go go go

The Bunnies on track...Twin bunny drift is cool!

FXX vs DRB ninja

Ive got my new full custom DRB chassis under this body. Front track is wide so only +3 will fit. rear is +12 + 4mm spacer for +16

The chassis works very well in it's Japanese feel of very low throttle korogashi style.  With 1.8 cs it's effective at low throttle but angle at high throttle means you have the flick the chassis into action.

After high speed flicks into "off throttle" sliding it's very effective, 

But it's a bit lame for "constant" front wheel angle when I'm used to CS 3.0 and over.  

So this week I'll be installing 44/9 pulleys as opposed to the 40/12 currently on the front end of the chassis.

There's a LOT of potential here. I want to make it a LOT better.

Tonight there was so much tandem and training happening, I can't remember being one out drifting at all.

Just the odd time when everyone was having a break, the track was free for testing.

Or simply perfecting the line.

Again big thanks to those who grab my camera and surprise me.

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