Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Time for a mid week bash ...

Get on the train.

 With me stopping only to get some pics. 7 car trains were a regular tonight.

A mini Silvia Session.

 My RX7 and a chaser or 2 thrown in.

These guys not much more than this far apart all night.

Practice makes perfect. 

 Whether chasing a RWD pacesetter

or just chilling under the bridge,

 The primary colours look good.

13,14,15 What's your choice?

Don't forget the 4 door festa is this Sunday...

GCRC's resident drift specialist setting up the overdose JZX for the day.

You will not find a better person to set a line. Inch perfect every time.

To take on these two in the twin drift battles... you'd better come on Sunday. There's going to be some awesome runs.

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