Saturday, April 11, 2015

GCRC Saturday Session - 4 Door Prep.

ARE YOU READY!!!! the 4 Door Festa is upon us. Tomorrow 11am.

The Sydney boys are dialled in...

Low cruising / D1 monsters.

Daigo Saito in attendance.

Well the RC equivalent ... Tomorrow can only get better.

there's gonna be some contenders for the Twin Drift sessions.

And there's a lot of detail in these machines too.

Also a lot of Bunny Action...

 they seem to be breeding like... Ummmm ... Rabbits...

I also had the little mascot on track too. A few of us are rocking the mini bunny.

Mine is strapped to the front for some terror action.

 NF cutting a line.

My own FD3s out for a bit of fun.

Even if you aren't going to drift tomorrow, come down and check out the 4 Door Festa.

Sunday 12/4/2015

GCRC - Gold Coast RC Raceway

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