Wednesday, April 29, 2015

GCRC Mid Week Matsuri - Touge Life @ GCRC.

Touge Life @GCRC.

Good to see my old creations being used with great effect. 

Can hardly separate these guys.

But they aren't the only ones on the ball.

Classic cars on track prepping for the Classic Car Show on the 17th of May.

These two do not qualify... But they are putting on a show!

Nojireal RWB 86 looking good!

Lil' "PIG" with a lil' friend.

Track was a constant blur of battles.

Sometimes a little spaced

 But usually like this.

Finally tried to take a couple of decent pictures. 

Hayabusa + Dlike S14.

But tonight I was trying to capture a bit of speed. 

Using the back ground and foreground to good effect.

You end up with some interesting shots. 

Reverse Entry from the Lunch Box.

But they kept going by.

Team bodies ALWAYS look good.

not only these two Origin Labo one-eighties on track. 

The glitter machine back on deck.

Everyone going for the walls. Out clip and...

In Clip.

RWD style.

mixing with CS

and some double CS battles. CS 4.0+ on both these machines.

These days @ GCRC there is a good balance between the two...

I will start to document some setups. You will be surprised.

Touge & Circuit Life @ GCRC.

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