Sunday, April 5, 2015

GCRC Start Finish Towers.

Almost complete. The GCRC towers will add that extra dimension to the track.

It's good to get out in the workshop with my father. We enjoy these projects.

While I am doing some cutting... he is trimming alloy etc. and there are of course those jobs where an extra pair of hands come in handy.

 Using the 86 for scale... We ended up with this...

My father (a painter by trade) pulled out his old gun and fired off a few coats of undercoat and white.

Assembly is easy. Core-flute , the same material as GCRC barriers makes an easy addition. With my easter weekend projects taking up a lot of time, We managed to get most complete before my return to my own house devoid of workshop.

Just adding the final details will complete the look. Stay tuned for installation.

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