Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A wet Wednesday Night

AU  vs EU ... V8 vsV8... RWD vs CS.the variety is on the way up!

Tetsujin GT-R battle ready.

GP Sports S13 is still awesome.

But soon it's 86 vs 86

v 86... 

These guys are ready.

The 86 battles will go off on the 28/6 

Battles are every where, Fast , Straight D1 track or the curvy long track.

Awesome fun.

And some serious battles.

Drift Master Commordore RWD vs Rocket Bunny FR-D

Drift Master Commordore RWD chassis is still full of compromises as I convert from CS3.4 to Rear Wheel drive. huge scrub angle front end, Sloppy components,

Cable tie battery holder. Etc Etc. Awaiting A-Arm front end and narrow scrub... It can only get even better.
I won't be changing anything until some new parts arrive...

But it's already able to pull some awesome angles. just gotta trust myself on the trigger.

Some great runs with the RWB 86. Lot's of laughs.

We were getting some amazing angles, some quick , but smooth transitions. 

And if I really get on the trigger, the rwd chassis can be capable of the big angle.  I am still very much a RWD learner though, especially with these weight shift setups.

CS is still a lot of fun.

A variety of setups for RWD.

Although momentum is one of the key components to the driving style.

But I always wanted that angle for RWD. It's getting out there.  

Squeeze the Trigger and trust the setup... 

GCRC is still bringing the quality.

 But I must apologize for some inconsistency in my driving until my RWD is 100%

It's definitely a different style. 

 I've got some theory to learn and some practice to do.

Enjoying the Drift.

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