Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GCRC Midweek Test and Ninja Battles

 Are you ready for a real battle?

There was a lot of action tonight, some testing, some practice and some intense battles. 

With some of the awesome action on track... We need to start to capture some of it. 

Hence the introduction of the GCRC Hiace 3.4cs Mini Drift Van.

While not complete... I needed to test how much weight I could throw in it before it started to behave poorly.

initial tests with 4 ninja turtles meant the rear shocks were not up to the task. So a swap and then a balancing act saw great to average results. But potential is there.

Team Bomber DRB getting some action.

Metal Flake ... Flame on!!! Can't wait to get my 86 on track to battle against this.

And battle we will at the 86 Matsuri... 28/6/2015 

Ride the wall.

Twin Drift sessions go!

Surfs Up Dudes! no passengers, Just fun time!

Drift package Short wheel base Hiace does work pretty well.

Even getting into some mini battles. 

But I will strive to get the machine stable and ready for GO-PRO action.

We don't see the BOSS on track so much. 

But he hasn't lost the touch.

Run straight...


And ride the wall.

But we are seeing more 86 action... 

get your's ready.  28/6/2015 HACHI ROCK Matsuri! this means Eight Six Festival. Let's Rock.

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