Sunday, June 14, 2015

Drift Master and apprentice.

My Drift Master has been through some changes.

While my ultimate DRB just gets minor upgrades. Always.

 Trying some long stroke shocks... long shaft and gaining 7mm in compression which is near double. But this is only testing stage 1 on the Roll Shift RWD. Still another set to add on the rear.

Intial tests raised grip levels well above the previous setup.

Up front I'm also trialing a monoshock front end... but I need a little more theory on that.

Still so much to try on the low slung Vader's Fighter. Relocate battery, Narrow Scrub front knuckles and A-Arms.

it's already very driftable, potential is very very high

This DRB has come a long way... Starting as a brand new Hyper High Traction 1.8 CS DRb. Almost every component has been replaced or enhanced.

Ending Up with a flexible 2.5CS setup that is as stable as they come.

Minor changes during the lastest shock maintenance rebuild were the BD7 shock caps.

So one is complete and one is just beginning it's journey.

RC is always evolving.

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