Wednesday, June 3, 2015

GCRC Mid Week Mahem

Line Up! Battles are on!

Tight Tandems and ...

Taught Triples

RWD RX7 Rumbles

Tight always means a little contact. But we don't mind at all.

Leotards are tight... or is that leopards

Trueno vs Levin... JXR vs JXR

Team Bomber DRB Tuning. slowly ironing out the bumps.

Pulling up on the RX7.

Slide right onto the door if you can.

It's something I've practices for a few years.

With the RWD cars in front, they are great for setting a line. The CS cars a still that tiny bit more forgiving so you can treat them with a little disrespect.

jumping on and off the throttle and engaging brake to balance the line and position, is a little less easy in a RWD.

Thanks to Mr Frener for these shots.

The angles are always a bit different to my own photography.

Laying down on a wintery concrete slab enables some cool closeups.

On the brakes as the door closes.

But sometimes the gap opens up with small mistakes ... and you are through.

Skyline is ready to pounce!

Locked on!

Everyone is preparing for the 86 festival in a few weeks.

There are already trains forming.

and these 3-way AE86 battles are cool!

I think the one in front is an 86. I've seen this car many times... but I'm just not sure.

Is that an 86?

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