Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sat a tat tat at GCRC

Not a bad way to test the new machine.

A bit of CS/RWD action. 

Rocket Bunny Double

LEDs working well.

 Front lights also sharp.

 My old RX7 also on track in the hands of another master.

 RWD action.

FD3s &  ZN6 were cutting some awesome laps. 

Very tight runs

 in close proximity.

 A bit more here. Soo much fun.

P!PES Back fire unit has cool brake lights. Super bright.

Activating off throttle.

Still a litle more to do and some battle damage to clean up..

 Ready for tomorrow! AE86 Matsuri!

Yes, it's turbo. and ready for action.

 But I don't mind a photoshoot.

This Mark X is a nice match.

Silver black battle.

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