Monday, June 29, 2015

GCRC Hachi Rock Matsuri - Part #2 Body Comp Winners.

Let's check out the grinners.

This pandora TRUENO is simple and has a big impact. It caught the eye for the GCRC SPL award.

I think it's very "in budget" for a typical hachi owner just getting into drift. 

My choice for body award goes to this machine.  Yokomo Hayashi base.

The Replica Style is representative of a simple AE86 with that RWB touch.

With lights on, this machine pops even more.

3rd place people choice went to this goto-san style replica. Yokomo Sunrise Levin base.

Battle scarred and perfect!

4age ready to rumble.

Pipes probably oversize for a 4AGE. Swap perhaps?

This machine is one that would divide any crowd. And that usually means it's pushing boundaries.

Red and black with the battle Vixens covering the D-Like shell. 

deep vents and more.

Itaisha style is all about individuality and this is just that. 

low and scraping. #2 voted.

Now I've had this machine in the build for a few months. It's a very reserved build for me. 

I really struggled not to add a crazy D1 style all covering livery. So Pirelli was the only addition. 

There's actually a lot of detail, with Tamiya and Addiction parts, painted body lines, custom diffuser, interior, lights and more,

But I think it's just the clean style that catches the attention. Whatever the reason,

Thanks for voting #1 in the Hachi Rock Matsuri.

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