Friday, June 26, 2015

Class of 86 with P!PES

This is "The class of 86"

A long time in the build, but time means the end result will be perfect.

Tamiya 86 bodyshell
Addiction RC Rocket bunny V1 kit from RC-MART
Yokomo Orido M7 Advan Wing set.
Yokomo Intercooler
Yokomo Up Garage 86 Light Buckets
RC-ART Mesh wheels in +10 offsett and RC-ART SH-Tyre
Tamiya Paint Lame Flake and Bright Silver
P!PES for your Ass rear Backfire Unit with rear brake lights
Custom 28 point Fibre LED light set with GT Power unit.
Custom dash
Custom Diffuser from Mazdaspeed HPI D-Stage kit

This paint only shows rainbow style in the light.

ZN6 lines are pretty.

Flake and clear on all external accessories

Usually just has a gun metal look in the shade.

It's just cool.

Got Stance. Body trimmed for offset. Clearance is very close...

Profile is LOW!

So what is the P!PES Back Fire Unit?

It's a big ass titanium look DUMP Pipe with a double action LED and brain unit.

The two LED's glow under power and give a bright random flash off throttle. They work in conjunction with the twin LED brake lights.

I've surrounded these with my 8 Fibre LED strands on each side for an awesome effect.  

For the big central outlet, I had to fabricate a custom diffuser.

But I think the result works very well.

 Style and performance... Installed on my Red Samurai DRB 3.2 with sound card... Noisy and dramatic with Darth Vader figure at the wheel.

 Thanks to for this opportunity to showcase the new products on offer.

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