Sunday, June 7, 2015

Coolie Rocks - Inspired

Coolie Rocks! Australia's Gold Coast turning it on for an awesome event of rock and roll and Classic Cars.

When you get cars like this on the streets. It kind of sends you back in time. The whole place is stuck in the 60's

A bit of lens flare and you could think this was a new scene.

Plenty of influence here.

Old is old and still old is new.

Waiting for the bus...

Tyres are showing some effects...

Is this the Bus driver's seat

Super Charger

Dub Charger

Double Charger

Double sucker

mini charger on a million dollar engine.

A real million dollar engine.

Classic Cadillac among enemies.

And a classic cadillac among family.

Deep grills

With more zig than zag

Spikes and fins are dangerous.

for flying to the moon

You need a satellite dish

And a very big rocket.

to blow you away.

I love the secret agent style.

and this is simply deep undercover stuff.

For if you murder someone

Or rob a bank

The cops will chase you down.

Now aliens.

will be investigated

And kept in plain sight.

If you have no money

you may need to pawn or swap or buy and sell a kidney or two

cause these are worth $150,000  XY GT HO Phase III is Yummy.

But this classic Rod was one of my favorites.

deep dish and mad camber

for low slung scrapers.

might be invalids requiring a wheel chair.

A sun stroked lotus.

and a little white dove.

or a flaming red horse.

Variety was indeed on display.

delivering the goods.

Or just cruising around.

people look at life very differently.

This event gave me ideas.

many many ideas.

many things caught my eye

and made me lie down.

great stance is not always low that gives you a high.

With so much pride on display, I was .... in awe.

Coolangatta has put on a wonderful show. With cars, music and lovers of both.  

I will be back next year to spend more time and find more colours, angles, influences andcontrasts to fill my head.

If you like these shots, Please let me know in the comments below. I will also post the same in less colour ful display.

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