Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Version II. Battle Extreme.

Friday Version II ... 

Wide Body Only need apply.

While not entirely true... there are a lot of wide machines on track recently.

Many wearing Miura-san's Rocket Bunny Designed aero.

This one features the new Pipes Light kit adjustable from the controller.

Slide on!

Some amazing battles between the CS and RD machines. 

IMHO, this Hayabusa is one of the best I've seen so far. Huge angle and good speed rivaling CS. The owner is building his own chassis at the moment with a view to creating a cheap entry point chassis that performs well.

These two are like symbiotic organisms.

Every lap is like this.

Every lap.

When you break them apart... the lines vary a little. 

But the fun factor is there. This is Street Jam style CS 4.0+ vs RWD

Hard to tell the difference with these two.

The High CS suits the low grip surface at GCRC. 

Running the RE-Xtreme wall!!

I had three people on Camera tonight. 

There are a lot of videos on the Facebook page right now from Luke... He runs around the track more than he drives at the moment.

He captures a lot more than you can see in these pics.

But we all still love the static shots also.

My other shooter was grabbing the tipple action.

Getting the switch just right... is tough... I'm sure there were 3 tonight that were absolutely unbeatable, but we hope repeatable.

We've got a lot of figures on track now. It really makes a difference to the way the place looks.

Having a few supporters is always good.

I think a hundred laps were like this.

our eyes were burning... after a long day of normal work... But we still strive for fun.

GCRC... An awesome venue!

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