Friday, June 5, 2015

Run of the Mil.

Well, a Not so Run of the Mil Friday for me. 

A last minute trip to Milennium Raceway in Brisbane for long sweeping concrete CS and tight twisty carpet RWD action.

But what is relatively easy at GCRC is the opposite at Milennium.

In both power and chassis settings, you can almost do the opposite.

Tonight we struggled on the long sweeper. Car setup is key here. Things have to be just right to get high speed at the same speed. I had issues with a dirty one-way and this 86 V2 body generates much more downforce than the yellow V1. My battle partner had just rebuilt his chassis so finding a balance was tough between the two.  So after adjusting springs and other things we couldn't get the similar speed we needed. Luckily , We got our perfect lap in early. Tyre on door for the full length of the sweeper is our goal. Tick!

Now, I've recently been playing with RWD again. And there are attractions to this. GCRC's surface is tough for RWD, but Miliennium's carpet almost makes RWD very very easy.

The amount of grip available is immense.

After choosing a correct tyre. We were immediately among the trains.

RWD CS RWD are still working here.

Silvia battles were cool.

This rebuilt body looking and "smelling" fresh with the paint still wet.

The locals showing some style.

Everyone having a bit of fun.

Enjoying RC.

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