Monday, June 22, 2015

Hachi Preppin'

 Time is approaching so let's not be still. Prep those hachies, they're gonne be ill!

Count them down baby! One, two, three.    From D1 to Street Spec,  All Rocket Bun-ny! 


R E -Xtreme DRBs, Ready to hoon!  
Samurai Red, Black Ninja & Silver Typhoon  

Wide body, Low Stance.
Nearly scraping the ground.
First and last chance...
You're going down!

Class of 86 is almost complete,
with P!pes for your ass,
feeling the heat.

Up in the front, there's some bright L E D
Fibre running lights too, It's not B R Z

Out in the back, there's a big Pipes fat stack!
That lights under power and "flames" out the back.

Rear L E Ds have 8 Fibres too.
But when the brakes are on.... you can't see em. 

sorry poem ends.

5 days to go... GCRC Hachi Roku Matsuri. Note the Window Visors.
While I will have 3 Modern GT86, you can bet the other guys will have the ol' school 86s on show.  

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