Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cooli Rocks Low Colour Shots

A bit of lens flare and you could think this was a new scene. 
Enjoy the low colour versions. 

Coolie Rocks! Australia's Gold Coast turning it on for an awesome event of rock and roll and Classic Cars.

When you get cars like this on the streets. It kind of sends you back in time. The whole place is stuck in the 60's

 Plenty of influence here.

Old is old and still old is new.

Take the sting out.

Low for flow.

Walls of White

Pointy Fins and Pointy Grills.

Camber by design

Any one for Casino action.

sky high

Sky blue

Lots of tubes for suck and blow

Or just for show.


The million Dollar engine.


on Holiday

Your choice is OK. Any Choice is OK.

Out of sight, man!

It's a pirate because it's a GT-RRRRRRRRR

Olympic Sport


Fins and Rockets

or Rocket Fins

Unloved is loved

You aint got enough money!

So go here.

Or Rob a bank

and avoid the cops

Post Box.

8000000 hours of polishing.

Secret Agent

Charge Ghia


Deep Gills


 Zig or Zag

 Flame On

Delivery SPL.

Love the Dove.

Grease Lightening... You know what I mean.

Love the colours


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