Monday, June 1, 2015

Adjustable Wheel Offset Options

Here are three different versions of wheels for getting the right offset.

Street Jam Dual Offset.- Adjustable
Tetsujin Triple Offset Super Rim - Adjustable
MST 4-Way - Single Selectable

All rims have a different method of achieving a similar result.

Street Jam Rims have a solid disk. then the spokes attach.

The rim comes in 10-0 , 7-3, and 4-5 options. and the spokes fit all versions. Spoke Selections are mostly from WORK WHEELS but there are some cool options.

They can be swapped on and off over and over.

Zero for example fit's my 160mm Gemini

Ten fit's my FC RX7.
there is an optional fake brake disk but calipers cannot be seen.

Testujin rims offer a little more. You get 3 options for one set of rims. 3,6,9

These build to allow a view of brakes and also clip in for a final secuirty. The clips are tight. 

3mm selection is good for narrow scrub options

I don't know how many times you can snap these in, but they seem pretty strong.  Rim lip has good detail.

the spokes are also quite thick and strong.

MST supply 4 selections. But you HAVE to GLUE these into place, so you can ONLY SELECT ONCE.

It's cheap manufacturing for MST because they are not finished wheels, the step rim has a 1mm lip also so looks a little wider. But is also thin.

What is the best option..

All have different centres and all can be configured with colours and offsets selectable to match your bodies.

It's freedom of choice.

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  1. I personally use the mst ones and what i do is put a little shoe goo on the lips so it wont come out. I havent had any problems with it and the best thing is that you can easily remove the shoegoo and change the offset


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