Monday, June 29, 2015

GCRC RE-Xtreme Hachi Rock Matsuri - Part #1 Showdown

Yes, The Hachi Rock Matsuri Rocked!

I'll have a detailed look at the winners, but what resulted was based on IMPACT!

There were clear views of what the AE86 should be and the preference for clean simple machines With one crazy exception.

When it comes to the AE86, simple is definitely among the criteria.

A great divide between the ZN6 and the AE86. But they all suited the battle arena.

D1 to Street. Check the pics and vote for your favorite.

This is a replica of one of the lightest stripped out hachi's in Japan. Goto-san's heal hachi probably weighs the same. haha.

These two guys were on track for a good showing in the twin drift. I'll be moving the twin drift earlier in the schedule to allow those to play and leave earlier if they need to.

Subtle additions making this 86 a little more special. 

Wolfey's hachi is a beast also.

Military machine has real potential.

loved the rims on this machine. 3 piece adjustable offset. 

Overdose fronts and street rears. Ready for a test session.

The color on this machine is painted on the outside for a different look.

N2 fenders changing the look here.

It's amazing how different the different body manufacturers are. the HPI + Stage D is a nice shape. Taka-Ono Formula D spec. 

Can you pick the maker of this one?

Nojireal 86 + Watanabe. 

This machine also has the makings of an awesome machine. Bombed and sushi'd up.

Sushi number plate is a nice touch. D-Like Concept is one of the more interesting of the 86 machines.

HKS Yokomo Body includes a rocket bunny fender set. But Yokomo being Yokomo, play it safe for the masses.

D-Like Rocket bunny kit is also much narrower than the Tamiya Addiction versions. But creates a smoother car in the end. This one is an OTT JDM Itaisha Akihabara SPL with Battle Vixens theme. Lots of detail.  

This is another replica styled machine.

But you can have just as much fun in any hachi.

Simple, nice wheel match and grabbed many peoples eye.

My old D1 machine has been around a bit to long to win a body comp.

It's great to see how diverse the voting gets for these comps. You really don't know what will grab someone's attention. 

My 3rd entry was washed and shining.

This Addiction V2 machine also covered in detail.

Orido V86 versions also looking good.

So what's your choice...?

Do you chose simple or detailed. Or one that "I just like it." Thats why we have people's choice.

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