Monday, August 24, 2015

Deconstructing the Samurai

My DRBs all have their own style... The RED Armour chassis I name Samurai.

This full Overdose chassis is one that always makes me happy. I use it for fun battles but to accommodate that, it still has to perform

High CS ratio of 3.2:1 and full Keyence power train allows for more than enough control. But it's time to upgrade and maintain a few things.

So the first thing to go was the chassis plate. The look of the naked frame is quite interesting.

But not to stop there. As more and more parts were removed... I started to map out the components. Some of the items up for replacement are the front knuckles. The narrow scrub front end works very well, But can I get that in Red? probably not. so some re-anodised parts will be installed.

Laying out the components was fun for a while...but I soon tired of that and only disassembled one side. No wonder I don't do this very often...


I still have 3 more to disassemble...!!!!! Yikes!!! I know as I have swapped components around, I have stolen some of the long CVD axles, bearing and setup items for my main chassis.

So this massive project means documenting what I actually have and recompiling the best chassis I can.

But it still makes for a nice photograph... 

I was also left with the guts sprawling over the table.

And these shiny items are still the bling de resistance.

Overdose Chassis plates accommodate, battery position, Drift Package or DRB suspension and at the time added belt stabilizer position and larger spur cutouts.  Functional and pretty.

So with 3 more to go... I need a rest. 

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