Friday, August 21, 2015

GCRC Friday Fruit and Nutters.

Slide time! Line them up! Tomatos...



Blue Berries


Mixed Fruit Salad.

 Love RC ... Get it on!

Knowledge comes from looking at things differently.

Then applying that knowledge to best effect.

Tonight opened my eyes a little. I can't remember there being soo many driving lines at GCRC.

There is honestly nowhere to hide.

At one point we were drifting the inside and outside line on this tight track. End-to-End road block for entire laps.  

Loads of Fun!

Running the in-clip

or the out-clip.

There were lots of those "special moments"

S14 Grape Shine

I was corrected... this colour is not Chocolate... It is Raspberry... I think Chocolate with raspberry inside!

Run away!!!! The pack is coming.

And when they come... They are relentless.

Bunny Time

 Jade collects victory bunnies, ties them to the bumper as a trophy!

This buck tooth damage occurs when you do stupid things... Stupid is as stupid does.!

Awesome fun at GCRC,

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