Thursday, August 20, 2015

RE-QUAD6-7 Update#6 Light

When all those long hours add up... and you get close to the end of a project... It starts to give rewards.

One of the rewards for me is the cool imagery. A bit of theater is necessary and you may notice more than a few links The Netherlands in this build. hooked me up with a few choice items over the past few months.

And this one is another gem. The P!PES V1 light kit has selectable patterns right from your controller. I use the thumb switch on the MT4S.

The ribbon bar makes installation very simple. We all want to change something, so I would like a little more length on the rear ribbon, but that's it.  I use these small clips to hold the ribbon... You can make your own with thin alloy and double-sided tape.

One thing I kept from my 180sx build was this beauty.  Just the right spot for it too. 

I have a diffuser planned for this body, but for now, the dump pipe looks good enough hanging there.

So there it is ... 90% complete. I'll add a few more shots without the lights.

It was a bit too early in the day for outdoor shots of a white car.

And a bit too dark inside... But you get the idea. White with subtle effects.

Gold/Pink side is a bit darker 

The Silver/Green/Purple side is very subtle... but lights up better.

Stance is 0.5mm perfect and the guards can trim themselves. I'm lazy.

I did make a mistake on the front small light holes, But as the front end is not scale anyway, I just rolled with an offset "Nagano" plate to cover the mishap. You may remember Nagano from the winter olympics. So in some ways the snow white is appropriate. 

My custom Black OD DRB has plenty of lock and the scrub radius comes nowhere near the edges of the guards. Zillion knuckles installed.

So there you have it...

I'm gonna run this as is, but there will be a dash and the rear diffuser added.

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