Wednesday, August 5, 2015

RE-Quad-6 Seven - Project Start

I guess it was inevitable that I build a Rocket Bunny 7.

Most of the parts I require are here. Big thanks to for some more inspiration.

I'll be using the p!pes light kit and the Black Series Droop muffler.

Demi Works A & B kit for the Tamiya RX7.

Tamiya lexan and Demi Works lexan is very very differnt. The Demi Works Lexan is very Very Very flexible, so the peel technique is not recommended.

Cutting right through will yield the best results.  I have a couple of mistakes due to this but the end result will hide these blemishes.

This is the main reason why i took so long to decide on the demi works kit. The rear isn't really wide enough. Wide = Yes. Realistically Wide = No.

Not Sure how I will do the front. I am thinking about inter changable front bumpers and I have enough leftovers to do something BN Sports / Bunny collaboration front end.. 

Rear diffuser and more... it might take a while but there will be some "special effects" on this one.

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