Sunday, August 9, 2015

RE-Quad6-Seven - Update #2 Cut, Mask and Paint

Underway... but soooo much more to do... I don't want to think about it.

When the Demi Works Rocket Bunny kit for the FD3s came out I was excited. but the more I looked at it I was dissapointed with the semi-scale look.

 The scale details in the Demi Works kit, just aren't there and some of the shapes are just a bit ~~~ wrong.

the line for the lower edge of the bumper is not moulded, nor is the line for the front fender join. The small light dimples don't even show and the shape of the side oil cooler intakes are not like this at all.

And the Rear is nowhere near the width it needs to be. But... close is close so the project starts and I'll do my best.

But my best might not be tto good. When you cut along the lines... well honestly . it's pretty bad.

But eventually, you can resurrect something. The lexan is so soft any slip with the knife and you are in the danger zone.

I thought about making slight cuts to recreate the fender join and the front bumper lip, but I erred on the safety side. I already has a runaway drill on the front light dimples.

So after 3 hours of alignment and getting everything in line... I started the masking.

Another 3 hours later. The masks were applied "to the inside"

The end result will be OK.

Next up... window masks and and light details.

Next day was a paint day. Cold day means painting in front of the heater. Heat up the body, heat up the paint and all is well. 

I also prepped the original front bar... and I pound some 86 V2 Bonnet vents that I will install.

So a quick mock up... Before the second stage of removing the lettering masks. The lettering colour will not be black.

Front lip will change the look a little back to a more normal FD3s look. 

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