Friday, August 7, 2015

GCRC Battle Night. Chuck it in!

Chuck it in, Run the wall.

Dump the clutch and burn it up at Gold Coast RC Raceway!

Got castor! Yep!

Bunny Style.

 Laruel Resting ... on R33.

Chuck it in close.

Or chuck it in closer.

Chuck it up the inside line.

 Chuck chuck chuck.

Chuckety Chuck chuck.

A bit of tandem... no, a lot of tandem.

results in stuff like this... No touch...

Super close ... +20 degree rear camber shouldn't be this good.

Drift Line Masters.

Oh yeah... Chuck it in!



There was a lot of this... A lot!

newcomers also excelling.

50:50 chuck. Still cool!

and my favourite laser shot of the night!

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