Friday, August 21, 2015

P!PES Battle Twins and Triplets.

Two bodies built on opposite sides of the world with a common goal.  Maximum impact!

By now you've seen the white machine in detail, so let's look at the evil twin.

The story goes like this. A trade of sorts. My 86 for this FD. But rather than run it myself...

It needed to go to another person so I could battle Black Vs White. It's home is now this RWD Bianca.

The gold and black Hikotech Bianca is finished with black Overdose / RC926 and other quality items. So a quality bodyshell completes the effect. 

There's now about 5 Rocket Bunny FD3s RX-7s at GCRC. All slightly different but they have come from the USA, The Netherlands and of course all originating in Japan. 

On track they all look insane.

The 3 parked up here create quite the contrast.

Ready... Set... Let's .............. GO!

Hammer down!

Bianca on the rocket bunny money!

A small lip extension added up front light kit added for 24 Hour fun. 

The white beast also striking an awesome image.

You would have seen the Blue/black fade on this FD3s. Underneath is a D-Like Hybrid running strong. My Custom DRB is under attack here. 

A bit of swap and chop as we played around... (spacing is large to preserve the bodies for a few runs at least)

Sliding in tune.

 Doing the triple bunny dance.

With so many RX7s around... It was certainly a fun night. 

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