Friday, August 28, 2015

Double Dose

Can you really overdose?

Full OD can lead to craziness.

These two machines were both a long build process.

One sourced from parts upon new release and the other sourced from hunting for those discontinued pieces. 

The owner of this Drift Package is currently in setup phase. Still getting know how the long running Yokomo chassis works with the OD upgrades.

But my DRB is well and truly setup. It's my style machine. Big angle CS with crazy camber.

When these two are side by side, it's a good thing that these showcase level chassis are both ripe for abuse.

There's still a lot of cleanup that I'd like to do on my long run DRB and I have some components ready.

But I don't think I can ever match the sheer number of Overdose logos on this drift package. So why not add that one extra.

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