Sunday, August 2, 2015

GCRC Super Sunday Attack.

1,2,3 GO!!!!!

Tandem On!

And attack!

 But just for Fun.

My Afternoon started like this... Enjoying my new MST Deeps.

A couple of laps to dial it in.

Then pick up the field.

Then it was on.

Lead or chase... 

Or sandwiched between.

I soon found myself outnumbered by S-Chassis machines.

But thats drifting... they are the mainstay.

Bart the beater!

A new untouched Origin Labo S13.

And a C's garage replica.

Wherever you looked they were together. There were actually a few more... a couple of dark blue machines created an S-Chassis danger zone.

 Especially to protect you new shell.

i might take a few more low shots like this. High castor, on the front of this Hayabusa RWD is evident.

I also spent a short time dialling in the GCRC Van now that it has new shocks.

2 turtles... nervous. 4 turtles too heavy. 3 turtles ... just right for 3.4cs fun.

Great for spearing and slicing the figures surrounding track

And great fun kicking the doors of lead cars.

It will be back...

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